guffufel means: Unnecessary fuss over nothing. Sometimes humorous in nature, or with at least whimsical undertones. Alternative spellings: guffufal, guffufle, gerfuffle, kaffufal, kaffufel and kerfuffle. B. Fathers was my Dad and often talked about a “kaffufal” valve. A kaffufal valve was the one that Professor Branestawms invented and which is popularized in Norman Hunter’s series of books. See: Author Norman Hunter and in particular W. Heath Robinsons’ illustrations of Professor Branestawms’ inventionscontraptions to understand about kaffufal valves and you will see the connection between guffufel and a kaffufal valve. Guffufel: A lot of fuss over nothing. Kaffufal Valve – A useless device that is used to control an unnecessary machine. This tends to cause a lot of comedy about very little. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roberto Cano)