Guerrilla Warfare means: Fighting between two huge black women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porter Small)

What else does Guerrilla Warfare mean?

  • This is a well-planned sex move. The male cuts his pubic hair, then places it on his pillow. After receiving a headjob, he draws out his hair and then cums the girl’s face. Then SLAM her face into the pillow to make her pubic hair stick. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Warner)
  • A small, irregular force can take on a larger force using hit and run tactics. This creates the element of surprise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maxwell Berger)
  • Guerrilla warfare refers to the use of mobile tactics, ambushes and raids by small groups of combatants in unconventional warfare and combat. To defeat a more mobile, formal army. Guerrilla armies use ambush to draw enemies forces into terrain that is not suitable for them. They also have mobility advantages and surprise when attacking targets within enemy territory. (in Community Dictionary, added by Emmanuel Lloyd)