guedo means: An Italian Stallion. Sometimes referred to simply as Lastella. You can also spell it G-U-I -D-O. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camilo Ibáñez)

What else does guedo mean?

  • Guedo is a normal hotie from Italy. A hot and rowdy colubian man who walks the boringwalk with his friends wearing gennie T’s. This guedo is a man with great style. Males hate this type of guedo because it’s too sexy. Normaly is a great Itialin named like Toney and Anthony. Dante, Nico, Nico, Demeiko, Dante and Nico are all good examples. Guedos are normaly slick and will get whatever girl they desire. Normaly attracted to an Italian woman who works hard for their goals…they don’t like being easy targets. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimora Obrien)