Gudda Gudda means: You are about to be sucked in by thee. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corinne Barajas)

What else does Gudda Gudda mean?

  • N. 1. This is one of the more overlooked and unrecognized members of the overrated Young Money group. 2. Un rap artist with an extremely stupid pseudonym. 3. One rapper calls his girlfriend “grocery bags” because the rhyme rhymes with Young Money’s “Bedrock”, which is a common lyrical trope among the Young Money crew. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shelby Mcmillan)
  • 1. One rapper who believed that “gutter” was the most appropriate word to describe his talents. 2. A funny joke meant to be amused. 3. An insult used by rappers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslyn Jacobson)