GT40 means: N. Ford’s biggest triumph. Ford punished Ferrari’s failed acquisition by punishing them with a victory on the racetrack. Ford realized that their early car was not able to compete with the Ferrari. They gave themselves 10 times as much money for the Ferrari and shipped the car back to Britain. Although the last problems were fixed in America, the car is still worth less due to poor quality. The Ford performs more like a car that has been bogusly modified to be a regular road vehicle. Overall, the Ford is a fast but poor car. It is, however, a ford. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elvis Hale)

What else does GT40 mean?

  • Ford’s car beat Ferrari. Won 3 Le Mans. It was also known as “The 40”, as it was just 40 inches from the ground. Ford has produced the Ford GT, a revised version that is only 43 inches above the ground. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sulphorous)
  • Ford was unsuccessful in purchasing Ferrari and decided to defeat them. Carroll Shelby was their consultant and helped them to design the supercar that would win LeMans. The prototype GT40 was completed in 1964. GT is for Gran Turismo and 40 refers to the vehicle’s height. The car completed three stages Mark I to Mark II and Mark IV, winning the 24 Hours of LeMans each year in 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969. The engine produced more than 500 horsepower and was powered by the 427cid V8. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krankenwagen)