gruntfuttock means: Corruption of the “grandfather”, which is a senior citizenold man who interferes, bumbles, or is irritating. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oviferous)

What else does gruntfuttock mean?

  • An expression used on message boards in competition. Ambiguous. It can be used as an insult or a noun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaslyn Jacobson)
  • Gruntfuttock and Oxford University Slang are especially popular among: “Oxford University Society of Change Ringers.” 1. In polite company, a word used to express dissatisfaction. 2. Lateearly striking in ringing. Origin: A character named “J Peasemold Gruntfutock”, appearing on a British comedy show called “Round the Horne”. THE GRUNTFUTTOCK SAGA Broadcast: 9 April 1967 These included: The Turks Capture Gruntfuttock from Arabia Gruntfuttock “tis of Thee.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Johanna Oliver)