grudgy means: A person who holds grudges. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marc Rubio)

What else does grudgy mean?

  • Three sisters lived in Sierra Vista in Arizona, bordering Mexico. This term came about because of their shared experiences. This term is derived from “grudge”, which describes an ongoing action that’s worthy of a long-term hold on said grudge. Both an adjective as well as a verb, Grudgy can be used. Grudged people are usually afflicted with x amount of hatred towards small things. It is not necessary to take any action except acknowledgement and repentance of the grudge. Grudgy is someone who shows continued signs and actions that are indicative of poor behaviour. They may also be repeat offenders of the grudge. Grudgy can also be referred to as “grudge”, “grudgeball”, and “grudgeo”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fardingbag)