Grime means: London ghetto is the British equivalent to ragga or hip-hop. Created by youth for youth. Raw beats and raw rhymes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Columbano Calvo)

What else does Grime mean?

  • The genre of Grime can be described as a type of music or even a way to live your life. Grime is similar to hip-hop, but it borrows heavily from many different music styles. Grime has a lot of hip hop influence and is influenced by speed garage. Drum ‘n’ bass, drum ‘n’ beat, dubstep and reggea are all strong influences on grime. The rap of grime is slower than that of rave mc’s, but faster than many hip-hop mc’s. Grime is a tempo range between 120bpm to 140bpm, usually with a 24- or 44-second time signature. Grime is a close-knit, dry genre. Grime producers don’t use effects such as long echos and phazers. The beats of grime instrumentals are often sloppy and out-of-time, with a lot of repetition. While basses draw heavily on speed garage and drum ‘n’ bass, backing vocals often come from soul or pop records. A lot of people are now able to sing the chipmonk voice. UK’s grime scene is roughly the same size and popularity as UK hip-hop. In their flow, many artists mix and match the styles. Many grime heads wear tracksuits, baggy tees, and baseball caps. Grime enthusiasts are generally young, urban dwellers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruperto Bravo)
  • This music is a mix of Uk Garage, Hip-Hop, and Jungle, but also has influences from rock, techno and dance. Sometimes called a sub-genre of UKG or Hip-Hop This product was born in London, England. (in Community Dictionary, added by Subarrhation)
  • This is a subgene of UK Garage music. Also known as 8 Bar and sublo, Grime can also be called: The basis of Grime is a bassline alternative that changes every eight bars. There are many similarities between Grime and early techno and electro music. Garage Mc’s often cover Grime. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Torres)
  • Grime isn’t garage Grime isn’t jungle Grime, unlike hip-hop, isn’t ragga. The genre Grime is an amalgamation of all these, with hard-hitting lyrics and strong melodies. This is the London’s inner-city music scene. It also has a lot to do with the way you represent your hometown. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aileen Parrish)
  • You can find black dirt, or soot on surfaces. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Begrime is a method of covering with soot or black dirt. (in AZ Dictionary)