griefing means: There are many types of grief and it can occur in many ways. GRIEFING: 1: Train, anger or chase hostile mobs at you. The chain of mobs is called this because it looks like a train. 2: Killing or camping a player and then killing them at the point of death, or the spawn. 3. PVP stalking is when a player is stalked and killed. It is similar to camping but happens with the same person for a prolonged period. 4. Chat Spamming: Adding random text to chat or profanity. Special Griefing Sandbox Games 5: Spleefing. If this happens outside of a designated spleef area, it can be very irritating. 6: Walls. This is self-explanatory. However, walls must be made of high-quality material and cannot easily be destroyed. It is used as a defense against grievers. 7. Encasement within walls Walls of normal size, enclosed around a player to prevent her from getting out. FPS 8: Sniping. It is not usually griefing but a type of PVP stalker. The following are the targets for grievers: 1. Minecraft. It is an easy griefe game and a sandbox. This game is particularly good for griefing as almost-indestructible structures can be built out of obsidian and used for walling and encasement. 2. World of Warcraft. It is very popular and so griefed frequently. 3. Terraria. Terraria is quite similar to Minecraft as they were both based on the Infiniminer game. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathon Blake)

What else does griefing mean?

  • 1. You may aim to shoot or otherwise undermine your online teammates. 2. Online gaming is where you kill the same person or people over and again. You can also camp their bodies to stop them retrieving it. Or perform other actions to keep the player from having fun. 3. Online gaming is where someone takes joy in inflicting pain on an opponent using “cheap tactics”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Shelton)