Gribbling means: An inept or weak attempt to grab. After a successful gribble, it is common to “fenk” a friend who has been helpful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Blabbermouth)

What else does Gribbling mean?

  • A female will insert her index finger into the anus of another man, fingering until the bodily fluid is free flowing. Only a woman can gribble on the anus of a man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joel Pastor)
  • Gribbling or gribbling is a way of speaking in a strange manner, sometimes while others spout absurdities, but not always. One who gribbels sounds like they are talking from the side, even though it may be not. An “aawwghhh” sound is made before and after sentences. Not only that, but addicts, junkies, people with problems, and people who aren’t there all often gribble. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victoria Álvarez)