Greech means: Grease that has been dried and hardened. Grease is the liquid version of the substance. Greech, on the other hand is the solid. Greech is melted cheese that has been left unmolested and dried to become greech. You can see greech on any Pizzeria’s floor. Ask for the manager to tell you that your boss has a stomach full of greech, and that your life is a disaster. As I found the substance in an unwashed and unclean grill, it needed to be given a name. If your name is Screech, and your skin is really oily, I may call you Greech. Greech may also be in the form a zit or a crusty lard, or any other foods such as dried cheese and crispy fried chicken skin. Greech can be difficult to clean. Greech is difficult to clean. Fuck! This is fucking Greech!” If the greech was served in gourmet fashion, some might call it “guiche”, pronounced “gweesh”. The implied meaning of the wrod Greech may also be present, which means that someone already knows what it means because it was used within the context. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramiro Durham)

What else does Greech mean?

  • You can use Greech in many situations. You can use it as an adjective, noun or verb. The word is derived from South Minneapolis’ Minneapolis baby bricks area. It is well-known among the Greech mob. You can call it your Greech if it’s your boy. A Greech could be used to describe someone who is a buster. A Greech can also refer to females. The versatility of greeches is limitless. (in Community Dictionary, added by Claire Wall)