Gozzer means: It was actually a term before the Millennial crew thought it was funny. This is the name for small maggots that are produced by Greenbottle’s fly eggs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)

What else does Gozzer mean?

  • One who is unable to perform an action and experiences moments of complete blankness while trying. They either fail and fall into the “Gozzer” category, or have “Gozzed Out” Other words Goz monkey Gozwop Wizard of Goz Gozmania. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ciara Wolf)
  • Noun. A. Gozzer: A girl who loves to see or meet hotfitgood-looking boys at the school or in public. B. B. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susan Caldwell)