gothic personality means: Gothic personalities can be applied to goths as well to non-goths, or “normies”, as I prefer to refer to them. Persons with Gothic Personalities are more likely to care about the deepest aspects of life, and see beyond the surface. Persons with Gothic Temperament are likely to be introspective and philosophically curious. They may also have a tendency to be romantic, brooding, creative, and artistic. You can also expect the following traits: Passion for literature and reading, as well as a passion for music, and possibly a desire to play an instrument. A Gothic personality is likely to openly and honestly discuss the dark aspects of themselves, such as their deepest desires or participation in fetish-what society considers perverse such as BDSM. Gothic personalities often have hidden talents such as writing and interior design. The Gothic Personality also has the ability to be an unsolved mystery, to keep their identity a mystery. This is my belief about the Gothic Personality. They are difficult to understand. Not all Goths are able to display a sophisticated Gothic personality. It’s been my experience with normies that seem “Goth At Heart”. Yet another mystery. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kai Bryan)