gorst means: The gates to hell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Huynh)

What else does gorst mean?

  • It is located in Washington, between Port Orchard & Bremerton. Gorst is easy to navigate in less than 45 seconds. The espresso stand’s large number of machines, all operated by naked women, are what make it so popular. You can find “Espresso go wild” or “Natte Latte” here. Toys Topless is also located in this rundown, deplorable attempt to make a decent town. It is an old strip club that is still painted once a month. According to legend, the most attractive stripper is the one with only one arm. Gorst will not be a pleasant place to stay, but it won’t stop you from driving through the area by the time your eyes open. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catherine Sanford)
  • This is the worst 180-degree turn Washington State has ever seen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alicia Ortiz)
  • This is the town located between bremerton, wa and port Orchard Washington. Also known as the “kitsap county armpit” or “the septic tanks of bremerton”, you won’t find many items in this town, but you can buy a shitty car and a tattoo. You can also get guns, drugs, tattoos and strippers. You can also buy a trailer to take with you, so that you don’t have to live there. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esoterica)