gorilla biscuits means: A person who is truly so ugly could make gorilla biscuits by putting their face in dough. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belen Beltran)

What else does gorilla biscuits mean?

  • A dike that is really, really obese and unattractive often resembles a gorilla. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yasmin Ferrell)
  • Unfortunately, my colleagues disagree. The original archaic definition of “gorilla cookies” was not the same as fender benders or ape wafers. It refers to all of the brightly-colored palettes of barbiturates, including reds and blues. Not some 1987 Grateful Dead concert. Official notice was not given that these drugs were responsible for more death and mayhem than the Vietnam War, except for those of the Vietnamese. Anyway, the funny repartee shown below struck me at that time, decades before it was officially named. Optional text – Random Ramblings You’re not welcome, sir. Pass the ballerina vodka and enjoy some goofballs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kassandra Dougherty)
  • A derogatory term to refer to a person who is sinfully fleecy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odón Arias)
  • A slang term used to describe quaaludes back in the early 70s and early 80s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Corinne Barajas)
  • Popular hardcore group from New York, founded in 1980. They are known for their fun and fast-paced music. The album “Start Today” is frequently cited as one of the greatest hardcore albums of all time. The members of this band formed Quicksand and CIV Rival Schools, Walking Concert and Lotus Tattoos in NY. In 80s street slang the term “gorilla Biscuts” originally meant methamphetamine pills. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marina Delgado)