Goon Yum Bing means: This expression is derived from Cantonese slang which literally means “Buddha Soldier”. This is chinese slang that describes a man who does favors to a girl he likes and hopes to win her love by being kind and open to them. The girl would, however, treat him like a tool. He would talk to her and provide her with favours and company when her boyfriend is unavailable. The “Goon Yum Bing”, which is very similar to the Cuddle Bitch, where a boy whom a girl wants to cuddle and spoon or watch movies with but not have any sexual contact with him, is called a “Goon Yum Bing”. He will often compensate for any lack of intimacy with the females. The “Goon Yum Bing”, who are often low in self-esteem, won’t hesitate to ask the girl for help. The “Goon Yum Bing”, although she knows it, will still use her. This further cements his position as a “Goon Yum Bing.” If the “Goon Yum Bin” can find the courage to tell her his feelings, it is certain that he will be rejected, regardless of whether he’s single. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kason Petty)