Gonzoe means: REGIME GENERAL He is a member both of The Regime as well as a former member Kausion (a band formed by Ice Cube). Before his death, Tupac Shakur was a friend of his. He gave him the new name Young Ritzy. Gonzoe’s “If I live and nothing happens” was released after Tupac’s passing. It is a great westcoast hip-hop album. His contributions to classic west-coast albums include Kurupt’s album “Kuruption”, and Yukmouth’s album “Godzilla”. BEEFS Ice Cube vs. Gonzoe Gonzoe against. The Game Gonzoe, part of The Regime was at the heart of Game’s attack against “Peace”, which was a song that was meant to end a rivalry among Yukmouth and The Game. As a retaliation, Yukmouth and Gonzoe entered the studio to record “Game Ova Pt.2”, along with a short video showing a Game-like wearing pink G-Unit clothes being attacked and running out of an urban area. Yukmouth vs. Gonzoe Due to their creative differences, Gonzoe and Yukmouth had an uneasy truce after releasing many mixtapes together with Yukmouth & The Regime. A few months later, Gonzoe was back at The Regime to end the feud with Yukmouth, The Regime’s chief. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aydin Hartman)