gone girl means: An “agonized girl” is one that the public perceives as very young. A home-gone girl is often reluctant to be with someone because she would rather keep her reputation. If you do get a girl who is not home, it’s likely she will be very sexually oriented and ferocious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krista Burgess)

What else does gone girl mean?

  • A girl who is easy-going and innocent. A gone girl is often difficult to be with because she wants to preserve their reputation. But if she’s in bed, though, she will be very kinky and love to have a good time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amina Andrews)
  • gan g@ l verb To forcefully insert a wine glass into someone’s vaginaanus, such as the film Gone Girl (2014). (in Community Dictionary, added by Maya Singh)
  • V. tr. Frame someone to commit a serious crime, esp. To rape, murder, or imply that someone is the victim by using sophisticated, meticulously falsified evidence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cayetano Delgado)
  • It is to be indefinablely in love with another person. Their presence can literally make you blind and take away. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evelin Howard)