gonasyphaherpalAIDS means: You can have all the sexually transmitted diseases you want. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clarence)

What else does gonasyphaherpalAIDS mean?

  • Instant death is a term that describes the horrible untreatable STDs you can get by sleeping with an extremely trashy partner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danna Fisher)
  • This disease was first diagnosed in my high school years, around 7 to 8 years ago. It appears that this disease is a mixture of syphilis and gonorrhea. This is because the combination of these diseases can live together and have no symptoms. This is until your spontaneously explode. This is something I came across years ago. It seems that it has spread everywhere like any other good disease. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Huynh)
  • This is the terrible disease that your mom has. (in Community Dictionary, added by Keshawn Lyons)
  • Your mom may have every known std, which is an insult when used properly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mucroniform)
  • Ghonoria Syphalis Herpes and AIDS are the rarest combination of sexually transmitted disease. GhonasyphaherpalAIDS, also known as the Jackpot, is a problem that has been increasing in urban areas. GhonasyphaherpalAIDS is easily contracted at any social function and recently moved to the colleges of America. Abstinence is the best method to prevent GonasyphaherpalAIDS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Rey)