gollywobbles means: Feelings of discomfort or uneasiness in the stomach, abdomen and/or gut. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillary Howell)

What else does gollywobbles mean?

  • This term is used to refer to a digital voice transmission which is received at a small area, and then pixelated. The result is low audio quality delivered DAQ. This condition means that the bit error rate (BER) of the decoded signal has reached a critical level. It results in bizarre sounds, which sound more like “gollywobbles”, than understandable speech. (in Community Dictionary, added by Filibuster)
  • 1. This is the feeling that you have when there’s an imminent danger, or simply scared. 2. This refers to the most current illness that is currently circulating around the world, be it the Flu or just the Head Cold. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inocencio Delgado)
  • It is the uncomfortable sensation in your stomach after you eat too much popcorn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aidan Knox)