Goldberging means: It is the act of taking your pants off immediately after entering your house. This popular name is based on actor Jeff Garlin’s portrayal of Murray Goldberg who performs this routine repeatedly on ABC’s comedy television show The Goldbergs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaron Joyce)

What else does Goldberging mean?

  • It is the act of looking for an idiot on the Internet and attacking your political opponents with their stupid posts. Jonah Goldberg’s jonahNRO always present use of people reveals that he views his intellectual inferiors and uses them as tools to attack others with opposing points of view. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaycee Briggs)
  • If someone is so crushed by the other team that they decide to change sides and take on a greater challenge. This is like having your team reach the iceberg. But it’s more rewarding. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valentín Herrero)