goiter means: An unrelated lump of fat or extra skin, that doesn’t belong where it is. gross. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Munoz)

What else does goiter mean?

  • Eating soy or soy-based foods such as tofu can cause goiter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)
  • A female housemate will often whinge and cause trouble for her fellow housemates. A goiter will always be the victim, regardless of consequences. Goiters live in constant depression, often alone. Their depression can be exacerbated by their intercourse with randoms each weekend as they search for love. Female goiters enjoy describing in detail their female housemates’ vaginal issues after they have had sex with randoms. You should avoid having fun with a goiter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rubén Giménez)
  • You can use a little bit more cushion to push the neck. Many bass players quit their bands, then find themselves without a job for a while. They work in hardware shops and build up neck mass. We love our goiters no matter what size they get. (in Community Dictionary, added by Savion Carson)
  • Iodine deficiency is a condition that causes Iodine deficiency. It is not a vitamin. It can be found in seawater and salt. Dumbass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Faith Conrad)
  • A huge Adam’s Apple. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pranav Villanueva)
  • A swelling of the thyroid glands that causes a balloon-like effect on necks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Beatriz Santiago)
  • Non-cancerous swelling of the thyroid gland. This is usually associated with an iodine deficit. (in AZ Dictionary)