going bodmin means: Brit A person who wanders around on the original bodmin moors in Cornwall. Bodmin was a gothic symbol of murder and madness in ancient divination. Barmy is often misunderstood Bodmin refers to someone who is very anti-social but is extremely disciplined. Also, could refer to someone who is able to talk for hours on end about the meanings of silly things like bodmin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tucker Zhang)

What else does going bodmin mean?

  • It refers to Cornwall County Asylum, which was established in Westheath Avenue in Bodmin, in 1815. Much of it is still there, but has been converted into housing. This phrase “gone” (or “going Bodmin”) refers to it and literally means “going mad”, or “simple”. If you call someone “a little Bodmin”, it means they don’t have complete control over their mental faculties. This definition was used in an episode of Doc Martin’s Cornish television sitcom, when the episode was named “Going Bodmin”. Apart from that, any Cornishman who asks about Bodmin’s inhabitants will tell you they are a weird bunch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovanna Lambert)