Glittoris means: 1. adj. Used as a synonym for ‘glitterous’, or something that is shiny. It also has a sexually-dirty connotation. The two-letter distinction to clitoris is why you use it. Name for someone who is: A. has the qualities mentioned above. B. is obsessed by glitter C. is a party person and knows how to have a good time. Name for any item covered in glitter. This could be anything from a top-hat with sparkle to… clit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Montserrat León)

What else does Glittoris mean?

  • A vajazzled vagina is the pleasure center. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leopoldo Lozano)
  • A kit that is designed to make a woman’s phone sparkle, or her whole vaginal area shines, can be purchased. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalberto Iglesias)