Glaiven means: An exclamation that is both jewish and long for the French name of a throwing blade of mythical nature. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lamar Tanner)

What else does Glaiven mean?

  • The inner source of almost limitless energy that can only be harnessed by selected Glaiven Knights. It is easy to confuse with the force but it has a lot more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avah Prince)
  • Glaiven has been called the greatest soldier of all times. He is unstoppable. He is an emotional killer. He has no loyalty and trusts nobody. He is the Shadowy Line between dark and light. His many names include death on two feet and Lucifer’s assassin. He is powerful beyond measure, so be afraid of him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cindy Whitaker)
  • Professor Frink, The Simpsons’ professer, yells when he gets excited or upset. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ariel Marquez)