Ginked means: You took or stole property you don’t have the right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sophia Evans)

What else does Ginked mean?

  • Ginked is a term used to describe the state of a Ginker vehicle. Ginker was located in East Brunswick NJ, in the 1970s. Gink is the first thing that any Ginker who values his car should do to it after it has been acquired. It usually involves making your exhaust heavy, lifting the rear end and installing the biggest tires possible. To make your car more efficient, you will add other Ginker products as the stages go along. Even though it doesn’t have any effect on performance, chrome was always a favourite. Common chrome covers for the alternator, valve cover, and diff cover were all common. The bodies of Ginker cars were often covered with primer spots, or even complete primer coats. While most Ginkers prefer to drive a Mustang or Camaro, a true Ginker would gink any car that was available. Ginker Parking was a great place to gink Vegas, Pintos or Gremlins. The parking area is located at the rear of East Brunswick High School. The parking space was located from the rear gate, along with the parking lot next to the car shop. Many believe that Ginker is actually a term that was created from the sounds their cars produced when they drove on speed bumps along the roads around the school. The majority of Ginker cars came with traction bars mounted to the rear axle. These bars would rub the underside of your car when you hit big bumps, making an almost gink-gink sound. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominic Faulkner)