gindalooning means: Gindalooninggindalunacy; verb- Origins, late1970’s early1980’s. Brooklyn New York. Particularly in the Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst areas. The height of peak Italian female saturation in Brooklyn. These neighborhoods were evicted by the mass Ginzo Exodus in the 1990’s. They moved to Staten Island, New Jersey and other New Jersey suburbs. This is a common use for non-Italian Males who are tall, with short, pointed hair and wear Italiancuchinette guidettechicks. This describes the Inermittent complaining, whining and snappy attitude behaviors. The voice gradually rises to high volumes. They are often displayed when they feel that they are not being treated well by their spouses, are feeling irritated, aren’t getting what they want, aren’t receiving the attention they deserve, and when they experience pre-menstrual symptoms (those aged 35 or older) or are experiencing premenopausalmenopausal symptoms. They may roll their eyes with masscara eyes and snap at the gum using a flat or hand object. To draw attention, she may stand and cocked one of her hips with a hand on the other hip. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)