ghost in the shell means: A movie about an uber-atomican (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryleigh Hendricks)

What else does ghost in the shell mean?

  • A film anime based on Masamune Shirow’s manga. This world shows how the real and virtual worlds have been blended together, with many people now being cyborgs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camille Berry)
  • Very elegant anime that depicts a futuristic world where boundaries are blurred between real and virtual. You are considered to be a person in this interconnected world if your “ghost code” is a special code that can’t be created artificially. This comic was a mix of different intelligences and political commentary. In the final appendix, it was revealed that Kusanagi must have been copied and died long ago. Bladerunner is a Cyberpunk novel that was heavily influenced. It’s also the best science fiction novel of all time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camilo Domínguez)
  • Ghost in the Shell takes place in the 21st Century. It is a spy thriller set in the future. The story centers on Motoko Kusanagi’s adventures. She works for Section 9, a covert operation organization that specializes in technology-related crimes. Kusanagi is almost fully mechanized. She’s a human brain implanted in an artificial body that can perform superhuman feats and she has been specialized to do her job. Ghost in the Shell’s setting is cyberpunk. It is similar to William Gibson’s sprawl trilogy. However, Shirow’s focus is on the ethical, philosophical, and technological ramifications that the mass merging of humans and technology has had, in particular in relation to individuality and human identity. These questions are addressed in the manga. Kusanagi, her coworkers, face external challenges and puzzles as well internal conflict due to their natures of being more machine than human. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omari Mcclain)