ghetto smurf means: Ideal is the ghetto-smurf. This demonstrates that men can co-exhiit together in the ghetto. They create an improved world together with their technology. However, this idealogical paradise has its drawbacks. It costs a lot of money to buy paint oils that they can use before performing rituals. They praise the demigod, mush-mush. They practice smurf-tackular womenizing within the human population. A great feast is usually held when a subject has been scored. It is an uncommon occasion. A green mushroom-shaped birthmark is usually used to identify the ghetto high priest. Ghetto smrufs often get harassed by the general population. They are blue and often indulge in ganster lamarity. There are many different tribes that inhabit cookie and tea factories around the globe, especially in india. These are some of the most famous smurfs among us: Snap Inlayo Crackle Ich Pop Spears Trugfor Buk Buk, the Tea Monster The Boston Tea Party Act, as we discovered, was actually a rebellion against smurfkind. They were insulted and forced to go underground for tea and into sweatshops. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dania Raymond)

What else does ghetto smurf mean?

  • Ghetto Smurfs are a tough, loving “homie” or “thug”, who can be aged between 8 and 18 years old. They typically wear bright and baggy clothing and act tough. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Mccall)