Ghetto Lobster means: This is a minority who doesn’t know how swim. A drowning victim. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovani Walsh)

What else does Ghetto Lobster mean?

  • Red Lobster located in the heart of Ghetto with outstanding staff and clients. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Santiago)
  • Ghetto lobsters are people who dress and act ghetto but don’t feel like they belong. They’re not poor, drug addicted, high-school dropouts or African American desecent. Except for the fact they love to rock out in their gangsterghetto clothes to rap or hip-hop music, they are polar opposites. Most likely, they live in Bergen County’s wealthy suburbs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassandra Hall)
  • If a baby has been “disciplined” with hot water and placed in a saucepan of boiling water by an adult with low parenting skills, it could be someone who was economically disadvantaged. (in Community Dictionary, added by TreepMist)