GFP means: Acronym for “Generally Fabulous Person”. An acronym that describes a male character who exhibits a perfect blend of flamboyance and showiness without being deemed homo. GFPs may be seen in studded leather jackets and guyliners, with pleasurably smooth coverage of facial stubble. Do not confuse this with Hipster culture. It erodes fantasticness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)

What else does GFP mean?

  • Huge fucking pussy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kira Obrien)
  • Great Fucking Potato. Inspiration to admire or inspire. Recognizes a thing, person, idea, or statement. Its indisputable awesomeness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aubrey Valenzuela)
  • GFP stands for “gay furry porn”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Selah May)
  • Gay for Pay. Gay porn is when a man or woman, I assume who are straight, desperately needs money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Selena Henry)
  • The term “good for photos” is an antonym for “bad for pictures”. It refers to images of people, places, and situations that were taken for the purpose of publishing on websites like Facebook. GFP is an acronym for places that have cool lighting, people who are attractive, or alcohol. All things that are not considered to be BFP would include losers and board games as well as bad parties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Lucero)