geritol moment means: 1 After the introduction of a vitamin supplement for elderly persons, people used to call themselves “having a Geritol Moment”. This meant that they were not young or stupid but felt old and confused in the face new technological advances-like cellphones and other modern realities. We should make the phrase “geritol moments” more popular. It may be a catchphrase among younger generations as well. 2 This could be used to describe how someone functions in the absence of an enable object. For example, not being able recognize a friend walking down the street. 3. We can now refer to older smart-tech gadgets as having “geritol seconds” when they are worn out, or lose power. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elías Hernández)

What else does geritol moment mean?

  • It is a moment when your brain fails to remember the words you used or what they mean. Similar to a “blond moment”, but it is caused by age and not hair color. Sometimes, it is due to impairment by marijuana, alcohol or other meds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Monroe)