gerbilizing means: Gerbilizing refers to the practice of injecting a gerbil in one’s rectum, for sexual pleasure. For proper gerbilizing, you must assemble the following paraphenalia – A Healthy Gerbil – Duct Tape – String – A Lead Pipe Begin gerbilizing the animal by covering its claws in duct tape to prevent the anus or rectum from being ruptured. Then, one lubricates the anus as well as the outside surface of the small pipe. The pipe is then inserted into the target area. You must ensure that the pipe is inserted at a distance sufficient to allow the gerbil into the rectum. The rodent will then be able to run the pipe up into the target area by wrapping a string around its midsection. Once the pipe has been removed, the gerbil is left in place within the target rectum. Only the string remains. The target will feel intense rectal stimulation as the gerbil convulses and squirms inside the pipe. The gerbil can be removed gently by pulling on the string. Widely believed is that Richard Gere participated in Gerbilizing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kinsley Perkins)