Georges Juicy Ass means: George’s Bunda is amazing. It has the perfect shape and size. Many people want to learn more about George’s ass. George’s ass helped end world hunger, cure cancer and many other unspecified conflicts. George is a huge fan and I can confidently say that he has the most amazing, but also the JUICIEST, ass. This ass is also owned by George. For more details, contact George at 59.284838 or 18.673665. Below is George’s Juicy Ass in a single sentence. Theo: “Wow, look at George’s Juicy Ass!” George, owner of Georges Jucy Ass: Yes, i do know that i’m a beautiful and juicy man. Julian: George, his mother, father, brother, and little sister live in Stavsnas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Azuretoum)