Gensokyo means: Gensokyo Huan Xiang Xiang Xiang translates to Land of Illusions/Land of Fantasy. It is also known as Gensokyo, Gensoukyou or Gensokyo. This fictional country is where the Touhou series takes places. The culture is vaguely similar to feudal Japan’s, but with many folktale elements. Gensokyo used to be a deserted, haunted area in Japan long ago. There were many youkai who terrorized the area, so powerful and heroic people sent out to exorcise them. The on-and-off battle between youkai and humans continued until 1884 A.D. when Gensokyo was isolated from the increasingly skeptical and scientific world by the Hakurei border. Since then, there has been very little interaction between the two societies. The Hakurei Shrine is today the only gateway to Gensokyo from this world. It stands alone along the frontier on the distant mountains in the far east. Gensokyo is home to a large number of youkai. However, there are decent humans and rabbits living in the area. Its inhabitants came there in order to shelter, escape or find shelter from the harsh environment. They are often drawn to the darkness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yadira Moyer)