Genrist means: A new word for -ist comes from the combination of racist and sexist. Genrists believe that one type of music is more important than the other, much like a racist might think about their race. Genrists are people who enjoy rap but don’t like music that doesn’t include a guitar. Some genrists think that any music that does not contain rap should be treated as music, and that it is disgraceful. Genrists can be made up of people with different interests. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tucker Harding)

What else does Genrist mean?

  • It is believed that music genres are responsible for individual differences and therefore that one genre of music can be considered superior to the others. Prejudice or discrimination based upon musical genre. (in Community Dictionary, added by Issac Hunter)
  • A person who is so offended by a particular genre of music that they will not listen to to any other music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desmond Bush)