Gennifer Dorgan Phillip John Pagano Keerat Howe Octavias Maximum Security Prison 6ix9ine means in slang: A person with God-given sexual appeal that is sure to make heads turn when they enter a room. Do not be alarmed. They prefer to hold your toes than use your hands. They are a fighter from the beginning, and will not back down from any challenge. They will be awkward in art, which is not surprising as it requires two people to make a child. The children are healthy and balanced with some morbid obesity, but also have an underlying racism. It’s the best of both. Im so horny rn. Their toes are enormous as well as their lower left intestine. This really makes everyone gasp! They have luscious hair that is probably longer than your mom’s. However, their appearance is not unlike that of a middle-aged Lavar Ball black man. You won’t hear them boast about this because they are so humble. This person, to put it simply, is like taking Xanex or LSD and being railed on the back by a guerrilla monster. This is not to be confused with harambe the guerrilla, as harambe was a hussy compared this ****. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Rene Reid)