Gelbooru means: Danbooru is a better option to the user-supported hentaianime source image website. There are many reasons Gelbooru is superior to Danbooru. I could go on for pages. Most people who I have spoken to believe it superior because of these reasons. You don’t need a full-access or other account to search for more than one tag at once. Gelbooru allows you to search for “blonde_hair beach ponytail smile ice cream”, but Danbooru only lets you search for “blonde_hairpontail”. You can search for more tags There are many shotacon and LOLicon images in Gelbooru. However, there is almost no Danbooru. There is less downtime for maintenance and more lag. Gelbooru generally performs better than Danbooru. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yarling)

What else does Gelbooru mean?

  • This site is very similar to Danbooru but you don’t need to register and pay anything to access the content. You can upload hentai photos. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about it because I didn’t really help. I go to Lolicon to savor the amazing supply. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bianca Gentry)