Geeve means: Originated in U of T at SMC, which means to relaxchill and not worry about any other matters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kennedi Lester)

What else does Geeve mean?

  • 1. Apathy is the state of being apathetic. 2. This is the opposite of jones, or longing for something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eden Robles)
  • Ginogina is a form of ginogina, which means to retaliate for having been dissed or other incidents such as the end of a relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Jensen)
  • Adjective: Not feeling interested in a particular topic, job, or situation. Not feeling interest in general. This could also indicate a mood. This is often used in situations where you are unable to fulfill a particular responsibility. This happens most often after multiple attempts to improve a situation, but one ultimately decides that it cannot be fixed or improved by bureaucratic involvement. Increased geeving can be caused by drugs and alcohol. It is often called “next level geeving” when a group or person “geeves” harder than usual. A person might geeve. Geeving harder would make a person more productive, and “next-level” would be even better. Next-level geeving is when someone has done something that’s so inefficient, it can be described as either a lazy or useless task. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avah Prince)
  • Chaminade College, Toronto’s original source of the word “not care” is a term that literally means not to give a damn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lisa Mejia)
  • The word “geeve” has no defined meaning. True geevers geeve about it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tabitha Cherry)
  • 1. Apathetic; not interested in or concerned about anything. 2. She didn’t feel strongly for or against the proposal. 3. It doesn’t matter which way you go: 4. A lack of partiality. 5. This site is not active, involved or supervised. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Silva)