GBG means: Glock Baby Gang is an acronym that stands for Glock Baby Gang. It’s a group of brutal shooters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marquise Potter)

What else does GBG mean?

  • Ghetto Baby Gurl – A girl dressed in ghetto clothes. Included are matching chains and gold hoop earrings featuring their names in cursive. The pair wear high-top nike high top sneakers and tight jeans. They often wear their hair in a braid or cornrowe. They may also be seen in shorts at gym and could have multiple illegitimate kids. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angeline Schultz)
  • Generic Baylor girl is an acronym. This refers to approximately 95 percent of Baylor University’s female students. It is characterised by the following characteristics: an affinity for God, Lordy Jesus and prudent behavior. They also tend to be unwilling to try new things and have a desire to find a “ring by Spring”, which would mean a potential marriage partner. These girls are highly malleable, even if they claim to be strong Christians. They like to meet up for Life Group meetings once per month when their periods coincide. There they will rant at one another about Biblical verses in an attempt to alleviate their anger at the lack of sex and life. Male interaction with these “true GBGs”, often leads to abject failure, and the dire need for you to return to your computer. These pseudo-GBGs are also common in this group. They are churchgoing girls who give their heads on Saturday and confess their love for the man in heaven on Sunday. These girls are not more sophisticated than the average sorority girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anselmo Rubio)
  • The Swedish city of Gothenburg Goteborg is the second largest in Sweden. It is almost exclusively used in writing languages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Rogers)
  • Acronym: A real queer gang in prison at the PC yard. Gay Boy Gangsters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darian Simon)
  • Get Back Gang. We take one from ours and you take one from us. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tucker Harding)