Gayper means: A person who is too drunk to be considered gay and then tries to force himself on a woman in order prove that he’s not. But, he doesn’t do anything. He is not only gay but also a Gayper. The act is also known as Gayping. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cantankerous)

What else does Gayper mean?

  • Gayper. n. pl. Gayers 1. A gay person. Tourists who visit your town to act like fools. 3. College students who attend college in another town and act like they own the place. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ezekiel Tran)
  • Man or woman who has sex with the same person or preys on gays to rape them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mauricio Mendez)
  • Also known as shred-sledding, a weekend warrior who participates in the sport. Also known for enjoying the sounds of their “buddy” reamed from behind while fapping their chin with a nice shorn-scrotum. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alejo Santana)
  • Person who is gay in summer and winter. A gay person snowboarding. Refer to the definition of “Quimby” The quimby can be described as the meat of the manwitch. However, their surroundings are more gay than the quimby. They are often characterized by Technine dorags and their neon snow gear. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lindsay Marshall)