Gay Daddy means: Gay man between the ages of 40-60+ who exhibits a dominant personality. He is willing to provide financial funds, guidance and protection for his mateboyfriend. This term refers to a man who is fond of younger men, usually in his late teens or twenties. However, the term can be applied to any mate that’s not that young. This term can also be used to describe a dominating-submissive relationship in which the younger man is the dominant one and the older male the submissive. This term should not be confused with sugar daddy, which refers to a younger man being lavished with money and gifts in return for sexual and romantic relationships. A gay daddy and his partner are often romantically involved. The main motivator for the young male is not money and material objects, but rather because he chooses older men for their maturity and their attractiveness. A gay dad may provide material items or money to the older male because he has more resources due to his experience, age and role in the relationship. (in Community Dictionary, added by Georgia Escobar)