Gastimate means: It is a mentally complex and stressful process to estimate how much gas is left in the tank, even though there are no reliable estimates. 1. The fuel gauge is not working B. It’s at the point that the tank has become so full, it makes it pointless to examine the needle for real information. C. Gastimating can also be used when the gauge doesn’t work and there is no money to refill the vehicle. The Gastimate hinges are imported in order to determine how far the motor-engine may travel with what fuel remaining. Once the combustible liquid has been used, it transforms into an easy shelter mechanism that protects against the elements, but is not useful until the gastoration. Properly Gastimating is an important survival skill or technique especially when you are driving through night-time cities with little to no sleep, and on long stretches of unpaved roads. (in Community Dictionary, added by Avah Cohen)

What else does Gastimate mean?

  • An estimate of the car’s gas mileage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carmelo Vega)