Gaping means: If someone is looking at you, they may be gaping for several minutes. You can either yawn naturally or get gyno. Or forced to do so, whether they are deranged or on drugs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marquise Potter)

What else does Gaping mean?

  • Karlee Ann Smith’s Vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Belen French)
  • An example of anal pornography. It’s when an object such as a man’s penis is placed into someone’s anus and stretched. The anus remains open so it can be seen inside. Also see the ass cave 1 The porn I watched featured an ass gae 2 Dude, i screwed my girlfriend so hard last night i made her ass gape. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leocadia Caballero)
  • Verb. Verb. The act of spreading your asshole using something other than your penis. Primarily, four fingers on each side. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chandler Mayer)
  • It is deep and open. (in AZ Dictionary)