Gale Hawthorne means: This is the epitome and definition of amazing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mercedes Rodríguez)

What else does Gale Hawthorne mean?

  • This product may contain spoilers One of the characters from The Hunger Games Trilogy, which is depicted as Katniss Everdeen’s friendhunting partner. Gale and Katniss are romanticized in the second book. But not quite. And Peeta remains the same old Peeta. Gale, Katniss’s foreverromantic love and best friend pretends to become a prostitute in the third book. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yolanda Arias)
  • The book’s best character is Gale. Gale’s handsomeness is matched by his rival, Peeta who is described to be stocky and makes him appear chubby. Peeta also gets fat by eating bread from his father’s bakery. Peeta is constantly looking for Katniss to save his stomach. Gale taught Katniss to hunt, and is now her best friend. Peeta is also a complete jerk to Katniss and forces herself into a relationship. However, we know she’s with Gale since he doesn’t try to kill anyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlee Willis)
  • Katniss was saved by her best friend, the guy who saw her through to the end. He watched her fall in love with someone, and he risked everything for her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylon Meadows)