G4L means: A group of friends that genuinely love each other. They may have to fight over their height, strength, hairstyle, or hair style, but they will stick together through thick and thin, and always be there for each other. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jay Vaughan)

What else does G4L mean?

  • Gamer for life. A man you can leave your kids with. A person who enjoys joining livestreams to show off his little pp. A racist who has a huge confederate flag on his bedroom wall. He once made a YouTube video claiming he was a black man, so that he could use whatever slurs and lingo he wanted. He spends his disability money on movies and video games, then makes YouTube videos about monthly pick-ups. Discredits people who are not able to defend themselves. Believes that it is strange to shout, “LeTs O bRaNdOn!” Isn’t even registered as a voter and yet whines about current administration. Believes Trump stole the 2020 election. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiara Taylor)
  • G4L – Gangster for life. It is also Rihanna’s latest song, “Rated R”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darryl Davenport)