furry means: Other than the famous group, it refers to something with fur. They are not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Araceli Sáez)

What else does furry mean?

  • N., adj. N., adj. There are many furries. No one furry can possess every trait. There are many more things. The eroticadult aspect of furry is enjoyed by those who enjoy it. This includes roleplaying and eroticart, as well as consenting to activities with other adults. It’s hard to believe that people are so fussy about this cute, innocent, and loving expression of pleasure among two consenting adults, when there is much more serious issues such as child abuse. People, it’s all about having fun. It’s fun! (in Community Dictionary, added by Felipe Tapia)
  • Simply defined: One with an interest in anthropomorphic animals, animals that have human characteristics. This could be talking or having human-like bodies. A person who is interested in the anthropomorphic animal world. This does not necessarily mean that you want to have sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Savanna Obrien)
  • 1. adjective. A fur coat or covering. 2. adjective. A term that refers to the “furry” community in art, stories, and other related activities. 3. mistake. An error in spelling fury 4. noun. : a. A person who is interested in animals that are described using the “furry” adjective. b. A person who imagines themselves as being more animalistic than what they actually are. You may also be interested in these related terms: stereotype-furry: A derogatory description of what ‘furry-haters’ see the noun of “furries” as. It is usually depicted as a group of pitiful, homosexual men who dress as whatever animal or desire to have sex. Although this is not the 99 ‘furries’, it’s the one most widely discussed and the most criticized. furry-hater: A person who is prejudiced against the noun form for ‘furries,’ usually thinking that all furries are’stereotypical furries, and then needlessly expressing an apparent desire to tell everyone that they don’t like ‘furries. 99 furries in all Many people draw and write. Some listen to stories. Most keep their secrets because they are ‘furry-haters. Like everyone, they are both male and female. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kathleen Jacobs)
  • A furry can be defined in many ways. People are not always able to agree about what makes someone a furry. Many would argue that you have to think and speak like a furry in order to become one. Use furry-specific words and phrases. You are not a furry, even if you attend conventions and wear fursuits. This is basically someone who talks the talk but walks the walk. Some would say that liking anthromorphic animals is enough to make you a furry. Although you may not be aware of furry fandom, or even have heard of any furry websites, simply liking “anthro” critters is enough to make you a furry. My view is that it’s a personal decision to decide if you consider yourself a furry or not. Like any other hobby, furries can be normal humans just as anyone else you meet in workschool. There are a few people who have become hardcore fans of furries and take it as a hobby, sometimes making it all too literal. Like so many things, those who take life too far are often the loudest. For fear of being labeled as part of the perverted minority, the silent majority is often made to scream in silence. The internet’s relative anonymity and people being able to participate in virtual activities that are not possible in person is a side effect. Trolls on message boards can say things that they wouldn’t say in real life to others. This is why I believe a lot the stereotypical views of furries stem from. As with all hobbies, some furries can take it too far or pervert what is for most a harmless and fun hobby. (in Community Dictionary, added by Calliope)
  • Fur-like material. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Fur can be worn, covered, or trimmed. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • It is covered with fur-like material. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A furlike appearance, such as tone or fuzzy. (in AZ Dictionary)