Fupasaurus means: Prehistoric large bipedal animal with a protruding, massive fupa. Many smaller animals of that time went extinct due to the Fupasaurus’s fupa. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omari Summers)

What else does Fupasaurus mean?

  • Fupasaurus is more commonly known as the fupasaurus. It’s now found in South America, and South Florida Little South America. Fupasaurus Rex most likely evolved from the fupasaurus potamus, once one of the most fearful species in the fuupa family. Mitin Patel discovered the fupasaurus in Ft Lauderdale one night. Mitin believed he had caught the elusive fupasaurus, but to his delight, when it was too late, he found, named and labeled this new species. (in Community Dictionary, added by SmellyboofMesial)
  • Fupasaurus, a common name that is often derived from an extinct species of animals, is also known as Fupa-Saurus. The Fupasaurus was not extinct in North America, contrary to common belief. It spread rapidly. Fupasaurus can be identified by two common symptoms: extreme buldging Fupa and a Fupa that is biblically large. Fupasaurus refers to a person morbidly obese who has a Fupa so extreme that it can be assigned a zip code. A second trait are the incredible cottage cheese legs, and the hidden sandwiches that lie beneath the flab rolls. Many people are still confused by the existence of it, even those with the gene. Fupasauruses believe they are still sexual. To show the ugly side of the Fupasaurus, a true Fupasaurus will wear spandex. Fupasaurus can cause a lot of distress to those who look at it. The Fupasaurus may have also swallowed 1 Fupapottamus out of anger. Although the exact reasons for Fupasaurus’ anger towards the Fupapottamus is not yet known, it is thought that it was angry at the 1 Fupapottamus growing in size and possibly being a threat to its territory. Fupasaurus are territorial creatures and will eat anything that is in its way. This creature can be deadly so please take care. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devon Kent)