Fuckshit means: Anything that isn’t right for you, you can call it Fuckshit. Also, it can be used to refer to anything unusual or illegal. This is an all-encompassing description of everything that makes you think twice about doing something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hannah Holt)

What else does Fuckshit mean?

  • A swear as well as a name for an off-grid, rural barn that was not intended to be used properly in any season but could still be lived in all year. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cohen Holden)
  • This can be described as almost any situation that makes you want to punch it in the face and fucks off anyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcial Blesa)
  • Unfair, greedy or simply wrong. (in Community Dictionary, added by Catherine Bowen)
  • 1. Used to show anger, frustration, or rage. 2used as a way to express hateannoyance. 3. Used to stop awkward, unwelcome moments You can use 4used to show emotions towards ex-boyfriends and prissy people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrianna Mccarty)
  • A person’s behavior that is uncontrollable at all levels. When someone is on some fuckshit, they can be irrational and hateful as well as neglectful, disrespectful, and most importantly, illogical. Fuckshit can be caused by a high intake of drugs of all types, and often an excessive indulgence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Veronica Bonilla)