Fuckly means: A man who is unfaitful acts as if he’s a fuckboy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Dougherty)

What else does Fuckly mean?

  • A common misspelling for the word “fugly” (in Community Dictionary, added by Raymond Odom)
  • V. Fuckled, Fucklying Sexual intercourse is the act of engaging in sexual activity with someone whose appearance is such a detestable, ugly and fugly that they wouldn’t want to have any sexual relations with anybody else. This is a charitable event that benefits the poor and ugly. The combination of the words “fuck” and “ugly in 2007 is the origin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tania Randall)
  • As an adverb, you can use the word “fuck” from above. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alisha Glass)
  • Extremely fast and extremely efficient (in Community Dictionary, added by Kayden Knapp)
  • Fuckable = When a person looks ugly, but is still capable of fucking. If a person is repulsive in their body or character, but not enough that they are uneroticunlovable. Person who’s erotic and incredibly obnoxious to others. Often used in a negative manner, but not always This is the result of the mixture of the words ugly and fuck. It was previously used to mean a one-night stand in which an ugly person makes a profit from charity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elvis Hale)